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The psychology department at Northumbria comprises of more than 70 permanent academic staff, and more than 2500 students studying across undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels.

Staff expertise in the psychology department can be broadly separated in to three research clusters; Health and Wellbeing, Evolution and Social Interaction and Cognition and Neuroscience. You can use the menu to see recent posts from each of the research groups, or listen to our brand new podcast: The Big 5. Staff also share posts about innovative approaches to learning and teaching.

Our undergraduate courses include specialisms in clinical psychology, forensic psychology, business psychology, health psychology and experimental psychology. We also offer postgraduate qualifications in Health Psychology, Occupational and Organisational Psychology, Sport and Exercise Psychology and Psychological Research Methods, as well as on-campus and distance learning Psychology Conversion programmes for people who would like to make a career change in to psychology. You can view posts from our students about their experience of studying psychology using the menu

We know that many aspiring psychologists would like to hear from academics and practitioners about careers advice, so please check out our Careers in Psychology section for interviews with academics and practioners in psychology and related fields, as well as our graduates.

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The Big 5 Season 2 Episode 1: Charl Emmerson on Workplace Bullying

On this episode Charl Emmerson, PhD student at Northumbria, tells us about her research on workplace bullying. Charl will be attending the 13th Internation Association of Workplace Bullying Conference in San Diego, California to share her work with fellow researchers, but you can get a sneak peak in this episode Charl discusses what can cause…

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The Big 5 Ep 17 Kristans Nemkovics “I embarked on this journey to find the pillars that are important to succeed in your studies.”

In this episode, Kristians Nemkovics tells us about studying during the COVID-19 pandemic. Kristians went on a journey to develop new health sleep, study and eating habits. Kristians gives students advice on how to succeed at university. Show notes: For more information on developing good study habits check out this advice from the Amercian Psychological…

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The Big 5 Episode 15: Dr. Mark Wetherell “We know that we all get stressed, but actually understanding how and when it happens is really important”

On this episode of the Big 5, Professor Mark Wetherell takes us on a freefalling tour de stress through bears, skydiving, multitasking, and helicopter rescue! We discuss how stress enters the body, the benefits and drawbacks of stress, and how worrying about jumping out of a plane is worse than actually jumping out of one.…

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The Big 5 Episode 13: Annabelle Noble “[an internship] just gives you some really good employability skills.” (paid internships)

In this episode, student Annabelle Noble, tells us about what it was like to do a paid internship. We talk about the skills she developed and the final work she produced which is currently influencing research practice at Northumbria University. She also gives some great advice to other students about how to make the most…

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The Big 5 Episode 12: Ansel Lawson “A lot of [trans and non-binary] people said that the North East was like freedom to them.”

In honor of LGBTQ history month, on this episode Ansel Lawson tells us about their experience as a trans student at Northumbria University and talks about their research on well-being in trans and non-binary people living in the North East, UK. Show notes: Trans, non-binary, or gender diverse and looking for support? Check out Gires…

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The Big 5 Episode 12: Dr. Amy Newman “We found that bisexual and queer people were significantly more likely to have experienced harmful sexual behaviors”

In honor of LGBTQ history month, on this episode, Dr. Amy Newman tells us about her research on the prevalence of sexual assualt in gender and relationship diverse couples. We also discuss the need for more inclusive laws and sex education. CW: sexual assault, coercive sex, relationship violence. Show notes: Looking for support after a…

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