The Health & Wellbeing Research Cluster comprises the Brain, Performance and Nutrition Research Centre (BPNRC) as well as state-of-the-art research facilities including bespoke cognitive and stress testing, psychophysiology assessments, and a wet lab for endocrine and immune assays. The cluster includes chartered Health, Clinical and Occupational Psychologists; and has internationally recognised expertise in the areas of psychobiology, stress, sleep, behaviour change, developmental disabilities, psychopathology and nutrition. Staff contribute to research groups with distinct expertise, and work across disciplines to enhance health and wellbeing through research, consultancy and knowledge exchange with a diverse range of stakeholders

Latest posts from the Health and Wellbeing Group

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The Big 5 Episode 9: Nicki O’Brien “Developing visual communication methods for health challenges” (Funded PhD opportunity)

On this episode of The Big 5, Dr. Nicki O’Brien tells us about her innovative work using animated GIFs to teach people about COVID-19 health behaviors like mask wearing and hand washing in Guatemala. She also discusses a funded PhD project starting October 2022. Applications due February 18, 2022. Show notes: To follow Nicki on…

The Big 5 Episode 8 Alyson Dodd “Measuring student well-being in line with student priorities” (PhD opportunity)

On this episode, Alyson tells us about her research on student well-being and what students struggle with during their transition to university. She also tells us about a funded PhD studentship opportunity! (See link below.) Shownotes: Find Dr. Alyson Dodd: on Twitter @alysondodd and on her staff profile. You can learn more about SMaRteN and…

The Big 5 episode 3: Dr. Nick Neave on Digital Hoarding “We keep possessions and form attachment to possessions. That’s what humans do.”

On #CleanYourVirtualDesktopDay, Dr. Nick Neave tells us about his research on Digital Hoarding. We learn more about how humans anthropomorphise their possessions and why we have such a hard time throwing things away. Show notes: You can find the transcript of this episode here: Episode 3 Nick Neave transcript.docx For more information on Nick’s research,…

Understanding Menopause

Its World Menopause Day. In this post, Professor Crystal Haskell-Ramsay explains the basics of menopause and tell us about her teams current research projects.

Treatments for Mental Health Problems 

In this blog Dr David Smailes takes a look at some data on how well mental health treatments work versus treatments for other health problems and talks about a key reason why we may have stalled in developing novel, more effective treatments.

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