The Health & Wellbeing Research Cluster comprises the Brain, Performance and Nutrition Research Centre (BPNRC) as well as state-of-the-art research facilities including bespoke cognitive and stress testing, psychophysiology assessments, and a wet lab for endocrine and immune assays. The cluster includes chartered Health, Clinical and Occupational Psychologists; and has internationally recognised expertise in the areas of psychobiology, stress, sleep, behaviour change, developmental disabilities, psychopathology and nutrition. Staff contribute to research groups with distinct expertise, and work across disciplines to enhance health and wellbeing through research, consultancy and knowledge exchange with a diverse range of stakeholders

Latest posts from the Health and Wellbeing Group

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Understanding Menopause

Its World Menopause Day. In this post, Professor Crystal Haskell-Ramsay explains the basics of menopause and tell us about her teams current research projects.

Treatments for Mental Health Problems 

In this blog Dr David Smailes takes a look at some data on how well mental health treatments work versus treatments for other health problems and talks about a key reason why we may have stalled in developing novel, more effective treatments.

Living with dementia during the pandemic

This week is Dementia Action Week. In this post, Psychology student Anna Svorenova and dementia researcher Dr Michael Craig consider the possible impact of the coronavirus pandemic on people living with dementia and their close ones.

Spotlight On: Dr Michael Smith

Our ‘spotlight on’ series interviews staff within the department about their careers in psychology. Michael is the Director of Research and Knowledge Exchange in the Psychology Department and an Associate Professor of Health Psychology

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