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The Big 5 S2 Ep16: Millie Dobinson on The Benefits of an Internship

On this episode, Millie Dobinson tells us about her experience as an intern at a market research company. She talks about the skills she’s developed and the benefits of students taking part in internships. Show notes: If you’re a student who wants to find out more about internship placements for next year please contact…

The Big 5 S2 Ep 15: Georgia Punton on Sleep Deprivation and Brain Function

On this episode, Georgia Punton tells us about her PhD work on how sleep affects how we are able to control our thoughts. Her work links sleep deprivation and hallucinations and posits that hallucinations may be more likely for everyone when we are sleep deprived. Show notes: To find out more about Georgia’s work you…

The Big 5 S2 Ep13: Dr. Santosh Vijaykumar on Health Misinformation

On this episode, Dr. Santosh Vijaykumar tells us about the sea of health misinformation on the internet and how researchers are working to understand and combat misinformation. We also discuss CHIRP, the Cognitive and Health Infodemics Research Programme, an interdisciplinary research group at Northumbria University studying misinformation from multiple perspectives. Show notes: If you’re intersted…

The Big 5 S2 Ep11: Dr. Amanda Rotella on How We Choose Our Social Partners

On this episode Dr. Amanda Rotella tells us about her research on social competition and how we use social signals to choose our friends, romantic partners, and preferred colleagues. We talk about how and why these judgements are useful and why they’re adaptive in a biological market where we have limited resources and choices. Show…

The Big 5 S2 Ep. 9: Carolina Are on Deplatforming, Sexism, and Cancel Culture

Dr. Carolina Are is an Innovation Fellow at the Centre for Digital Citizens. The Centre for Digital Citizens is a joint initiative with colleagues at Newcastle and Northumbria University from computing, design, law, and psychology who study how to make the internet a safer place for everyone. Carolina’s work centres on understanding why certain people…

The Big 5 S2 Ep 6: Dr. Lisa Thomas on Career Paths in Academia

On this episode of The Big 5, Dr. Lisa Thomas tells us about her path to becoming a university lecturer and the strong women role models who supported her journey. Show notes: You can stay up to date with Lisa’s research on Twitter @drlthomas If you’re interested in continuing your academic career you can look…

The Big 5 Season 2 Episode 5: Eating disorder and parapsychology communities online with Claire Murphy-Morgan

On this special Halloween episode, Claire Murphy-Morgan tells us about the links between art and psychology, treating eating disorders remotely, and the online communities that are discussing parapsychology. We talk all things parapsychology: ghosts, near-death experiences, and spooky Wikipedia editors. Show notes: If you’d like to keep up with the Remote Healthcare for Eating Disorders…

The Big 5 with Anna Maughan on Medical Conspiracy Theories

On this episode, Anna Maughan tells us about her work on conspiracy theories and how emotions may play a role in who is susceptible to them. We also discuss the possible negative effects of medical conspiracy theories. Show notes: You can follow Anna’s work on Twitter @annafmaughan. You can read one of Anna’s papers on…

The Big 5 Season 2 Episode 2 with Connor Leslie

On this episode Connor Leslie tells us about her work on agression detection from both an evolutionary and forensic psychology perspective. Connor discusses the importance of detecting agression for preventing violence. Look out for those aggressive behaviors and try to avoid them on the International Day of Non-violence! #internationaldayofnonviolence Show notes: To follow Connor’s research…

The Big 5 Season 2 Episode 1: Charl Emmerson on Workplace Bullying

On this episode Charl Emmerson, PhD student at Northumbria, tells us about her research on workplace bullying. Charl will be attending the 13th Internation Association of Workplace Bullying Conference in San Diego, California to share her work with fellow researchers, but you can get a sneak peak in this episode Charl discusses what can cause…

The Big 5 Ep 17 Kristans Nemkovics “I embarked on this journey to find the pillars that are important to succeed in your studies.”

In this episode, Kristians Nemkovics tells us about studying during the COVID-19 pandemic. Kristians went on a journey to develop new health sleep, study and eating habits. Kristians gives students advice on how to succeed at university. Show notes: For more information on developing good study habits check out this advice from the Amercian Psychological…

The Big 5 Episode 15: Dr. Mark Wetherell “We know that we all get stressed, but actually understanding how and when it happens is really important”

On this episode of the Big 5, Professor Mark Wetherell takes us on a freefalling tour de stress through bears, skydiving, multitasking, and helicopter rescue! We discuss how stress enters the body, the benefits and drawbacks of stress, and how worrying about jumping out of a plane is worse than actually jumping out of one.…

The Big 5 Episode 13: Annabelle Noble “[an internship] just gives you some really good employability skills.” (paid internships)

In this episode, student Annabelle Noble, tells us about what it was like to do a paid internship. We talk about the skills she developed and the final work she produced which is currently influencing research practice at Northumbria University. She also gives some great advice to other students about how to make the most…

The Big 5 Episode 12: Ansel Lawson “A lot of [trans and non-binary] people said that the North East was like freedom to them.”

In honor of LGBTQ history month, on this episode Ansel Lawson tells us about their experience as a trans student at Northumbria University and talks about their research on well-being in trans and non-binary people living in the North East, UK. Show notes: Trans, non-binary, or gender diverse and looking for support? Check out Gires…

The Big 5 Episode 12: Dr. Amy Newman “We found that bisexual and queer people were significantly more likely to have experienced harmful sexual behaviors”

In honor of LGBTQ history month, on this episode, Dr. Amy Newman tells us about her research on the prevalence of sexual assualt in gender and relationship diverse couples. We also discuss the need for more inclusive laws and sex education. CW: sexual assault, coercive sex, relationship violence. Show notes: Looking for support after a…

The Big 5 Episode 10: Lee Shepherd “Anger is appropriate and legitimate when someone has dehumanized you through sexual objectification” (Funded PhD opportunity)

In this episode, Dr. Lee Shepherd tells us about his work on emotions and sexual objectification. He discusses how it feels to be objectified and why it’s so important to study this issue to prevent objectification from occuring and to help support victims. We also discuss a funded PhD opportunity to study the causes and…

The Big 5 Episode 9: Nicki O’Brien “Developing visual communication methods for health challenges” (Funded PhD opportunity)

On this episode of The Big 5, Dr. Nicki O’Brien tells us about her innovative work using animated GIFs to teach people about COVID-19 health behaviors like mask wearing and hand washing in Guatemala. She also discusses a funded PhD project starting October 2022. Applications due February 18, 2022. Show notes: To follow Nicki on…

The Big 5 Episode 8 Alyson Dodd “Measuring student well-being in line with student priorities” (PhD opportunity)

On this episode, Alyson tells us about her research on student well-being and what students struggle with during their transition to university. She also tells us about a funded PhD studentship opportunity! (See link below.) Shownotes: Find Dr. Alyson Dodd: on Twitter @alysondodd and on her staff profile. You can learn more about SMaRteN and…

The Big 5 Episode 6: Barbora Duskova “You get to know yourself, what you like, and what you want to do as your career.”

Today is National Philanthropy Day, a time to reflect on how we can volunteer our time and money to help others. On this episode of the podcast, Northumbria Psychology student, Barbora Duskova tells us about her experience volunteering for the European Federation of Psychology Students Association and working in Dr. Katri Cornelisson’s lab as a…

The Big 5 episode 3: Dr. Nick Neave on Digital Hoarding “We keep possessions and form attachment to possessions. That’s what humans do.”

On #CleanYourVirtualDesktopDay, Dr. Nick Neave tells us about his research on Digital Hoarding. We learn more about how humans anthropomorphise their possessions and why we have such a hard time throwing things away. Show notes: You can find the transcript of this episode here: Episode 3 Nick Neave transcript.docx For more information on Nick’s research,…

Understanding Menopause

Its World Menopause Day. In this post, Professor Crystal Haskell-Ramsay explains the basics of menopause and tell us about her teams current research projects.

Understanding the harms of hate crime

This week is Hate Crime Awareness Week. To mark the week, Dr Jenny Paterson and Prof Mark Walters tell us about the impact of hate crime and how their work has informed policy and practice linked to hate crime prevention

Treatments for Mental Health Problems 

In this blog Dr David Smailes takes a look at some data on how well mental health treatments work versus treatments for other health problems and talks about a key reason why we may have stalled in developing novel, more effective treatments.

Why do we dream?

Have you ever wondered why we dream? Professor Jason Ellis explores it in this blog

Mark Moss: “There’s Rosemary, that’s for remembrance.”

Dr. Mark Moss, Head of the Psychology Department at Northumbria University, tells us about his research into rosemary’s benefits for memory. We also get to learn about how the nose is connected to the brain and why smells are so powerful. “Because we’re always breathing, wherever we go, whatever we’re doing, there’s always an opportunity…

Spotlight on: Professor Nick Neave

Our ‘spotlight on’ series interviews academics in the department about their career. In this post, we interview Prof Nick Neave, who is the lead of our Hoarding Research Group.

Bilingualism as a remedy for declines in thinking skills

In this post, psychology student Joanna Kubiak and cognitive psychologist Dr Andriy Myachykov consider whether speaking multiple languages helps preserve our thinking skills in older age. They also discuss their ongoing research on this topic.

Spotlight on: Dr Tom Heffernan

Our ‘spotlight on’ series interviews academics in the department about their career. In this post, we interview Dr Tom Heffernan, who is the author of the students’ guide to studying psychology.

Understanding disturbed sleep could help prevent suicides

Author: Professor Jason Ellis Sleep disturbance in young adults who are at risk of suicide are a warning sign of worsening suicidal thoughts, according to new research from Stanford University. These findings held true regardless of the study participants’ current levels of depression. Suicide is the second leading cause of death in young people in…

How to talk to your doctor about information you find online

Authors: Dr Liz Sillence and Dr Lauren Bussey More and more people are going online to search for information about their health. Though it can be a minefield, where unverified sources abound, searching the internet can help people to understand different health problems, and give them access to emotional and social support. For many in…

Graduate Bio: Joan Wong

In this post, we interviewed Joan Wong, one of our MSc Occupational and Organisational Psychology graduates about her experience of the course and her career to date. Joan is now a Senior HR director in the financial technology industry

Spotlight on: Dr Andrew McNiell

Our ‘spotlight on’ series interviews academics in the department about their career. In this post, we interview Dr Andrew McNeill, who is the programme leader for the BSc Psychology programme.

Living with dementia during the pandemic

This week is Dementia Action Week. In this post, Psychology student Anna Svorenova and dementia researcher Dr Michael Craig consider the possible impact of the coronavirus pandemic on people living with dementia and their close ones.

Spotlight on: Dr Katri Cornelissen

Our ‘spotlight on’ series interviews academics in the department about their careers and research expertise. In this post, Dr Katri Cornelissen tells us about her career in researching eating disorders and body image.

Spotlight on: Professor Karen McKenzie

Our ‘spotlight on’ series interviews staff within the department about their careers in psychology. Karen is a professor in the psychology department, and a HCPC registered, Clinical Psychologist. Karen is also the lead of our Research and Practice in Developmental Disabilities (RaPiDD) Group.

Graduate Bio: Naomi Boswell

We interviewed one of our graduates about her career to date. Naomi graduated from the BSc (Hons) Psychology programme, and is now about to finish her training as an Educational Psychologist.

Spotlight On: Dr Michael Smith

Our ‘spotlight on’ series interviews staff within the department about their careers in psychology. Michael is the Director of Research and Knowledge Exchange in the Psychology Department and an Associate Professor of Health Psychology

Spotlight on: Dr Lynn McInnes

Our ‘spotlight on’ series interviews staff within the department about their careers in psychology. Lynn is the Director of Education in the Department and an Associate Professor, working in our Hoarding Research Group.

Graduate Bio: Megan Holden

We interviewed one of our alumni, Megan Holden, about her career to date. Megan graduated from the BSc (Hons) Psychology in 2019 with a specialism in Clinical Psychology. She now works as an Assistant Psychologist supporting a team of Clinical Psycholists, and is working towards applying for the doctorate in Clinical Psychology.

Graduate Bio: Shaun Carlton

In this blog, Shaun Carlton will talk about his career. Shaun graduated from the BSc (Hons) Psychology in 2015 and went on to do an MSc in Organizational Psychology. He now works as an Associate Consultant at a Talent Strategy Consultancy firm.

Spotlight On: Dr Libby Orme

Our ‘spotlight on’ series interviews staff within the department about their careers in psychology. Libby is the Deputy Head of the Psychology Department and an Associate Professor of Learning and Teaching (she also manages this blog!)