In this podcast we take a journey into the mind through the lens of researchers, students, and alumni from the Northumbria Psychology Department!

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Episode 1

Dr. Mark Moss tells us about his research on rosemary and memory.

Episode 2

Chantelle Francis tells us about her experience on the MSc Conversion programme and how it launched her PhD on student well-being during the pandemic

Upcoming episodes:

October 18th: For #NationalCleanYourVirtualDesktopDay, Dr. Nick Neave tells us about his research on virtual hoarding.

November 1st: Jen Merritt tells us about her final year project and getting a job with the NHS.

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Hi, I’m Genavee Brown, a lecturer in the psychology department at Northumbria University. I study social psychology or the ways in which people communicate, interact, and form groups. My main research focus is on how people use technology to maintain relationships. Read more

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