In this podcast we take a journey into the mind through the lens of researchers, students, and alumni from the Northumbria Psychology Department!

Season 2 starts September 19th when we talk about work place bullying with Charl Emmerson!

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Coming up on Season 2!

Hear from Connor Leslie about how we know to run away from scary people.

A spooky episode with Claire Murphy-Morgan on art, science, and parapsychology.

I don’t believe in conspiracy theories, but… Anna Maughn tells us about harmful health conspiracies.

Season 1

Episode 1 : Mark Moss tells us about his research on rosemary and memory.

Episode 2 : Chantelle Francis tells us about the MSc Conversion program and how it launched her PhD on Student well-being during the early months of COVID-19.

Episode 3 : Nick Neave tells us about his research on digital hoarding for #NationalCleanYourVirtualDesktopDay

Episode 4 : Jen Merrit, Psych Dept alum, tells us about tips and tricks for a successful final year research project and how to get a job with the NHS.

Episode 5: Barbora Duskova shares her experience volunteering with the European Federation of Psychology Students Association on #NationalPhilantropyDay.

Episode 6: Pam Briggs tells us about her work on cyber security on #CyberSecurityDay

Episode 7: Sarah Docherty ponders what makes older people happy.

Episode 8: Alyson Dodd considers student well-being from a student-centred perspective.

Episode 9: Nicki O’Brien discusses the use of visual communication methods for communicating health information in culturally diverse contexts.

Episode 10 : Lee Shepherd talks about emotional responses to everyday sexism.

Episode 11: Amy Newman informs us about the harmful sexual behaviour that bisexual and queer people experience.

Episode 12: Ansel Lawson shares their work on the experience of trans people living in the North East of England.

Episode 13: Annabelle Noble discusses her experience as a paid intern in Northumbria’s Psychology Department.

Episode 14: Jenny Paterson dishes on Harry and Meghan and how seeing an interracial couple in the media can reduce prejudice.

Episode 15: Mark Wetherell tells us about how stress effects the body when we encounter golf, bears, and skydiving for #StressAwarenessWeek

Episode 16: Micheal Smith teaches us a simple technique for reducing stress during #StressAwarenessWeek.

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