The Evolution and Social Interaction Cluster aims to use social, behavioural and evolutionary theory to approach human perception and behaviour, and to understand perception and behaviour within social settings. It unites researchers from two distinct research groups,  the Perception, Evolution, and Behaviour group and the Social Research group, along with the Psychology and Communication Technology PaCT Lab specialist laboratory. This page brings together a collection of posts from staff, and students, working in the research cluster.

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The Big 5 Episode 12: Dr. Amy Newman “We found that bisexual and queer people were significantly more likely to have experienced harmful sexual behaviors”

In honor of LGBTQ history month, on this episode, Dr. Amy Newman tells us about her research on the prevalence of sexual assualt in gender and relationship diverse couples. We also discuss the need for more inclusive laws and sex education. CW: sexual assault, coercive sex, relationship violence. Show notes: Looking for support after a…

The Big 5 Episode 10: Lee Shepherd “Anger is appropriate and legitimate when someone has dehumanized you through sexual objectification” (Funded PhD opportunity)

In this episode, Dr. Lee Shepherd tells us about his work on emotions and sexual objectification. He discusses how it feels to be objectified and why it’s so important to study this issue to prevent objectification from occuring and to help support victims. We also discuss a funded PhD opportunity to study the causes and…

Understanding the harms of hate crime

This week is Hate Crime Awareness Week. To mark the week, Dr Jenny Paterson and Prof Mark Walters tell us about the impact of hate crime and how their work has informed policy and practice linked to hate crime prevention

How to talk to your doctor about information you find online

Authors: Dr Liz Sillence and Dr Lauren Bussey More and more people are going online to search for information about their health. Though it can be a minefield, where unverified sources abound, searching the internet can help people to understand different health problems, and give them access to emotional and social support. For many in…

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