Dr. Mark Moss

Dr. Mark Moss, Head of the Psychology Department at Northumbria University, tells us about his research into rosemary’s benefits for memory. We also get to learn about how the nose is connected to the brain and why smells are so powerful. “Because we’re always breathing, wherever we go, whatever we’re doing, there’s always an opportunity to see what effects aroma will have on that particular behavior at any given time.”

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Music by Podington Bear: Holding Steady

Show notes:

Research by Mark Moss:


Research on breathing pure oxygen: https://researchportal.northumbria.ac.uk/en/publications/oxygen-administration-and-acute-human-cognitive-enhancement-highe

Research on rosemary and sage aromas: https://researchportal.northumbria.ac.uk/en/publications/half-way-to-scarborough-fair-the-cognitive-and-mood-effects-of-ro

Transcript can be viewed here.

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